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The Birth of a Mother (3 part series)

Create motherhood YOUR way! Whether you are expecting your first child or well into the first year of motherhood you are embarking on a fabulous journey that promises both beautiful and difficult times. Your world will never be the same again as you enter into a realm of intense emotion and an inexplicable depth of being. You are not alone but surrounded by others who have gone before and are right along side you. Gain insight into this profound role through the eyes of other moms as you yourself transition from what was, experience what is, and create the space for what’s to come.

In this workshop you will:

  • Hear stories of motherhood from those who’ve been there
  • Acknowledge what you are leaving behind
  • Embrace what exists in this moment
  • Create and allow for what will come

What Are You Attracting

Would you like to have more peace, balance, meaningful relationships, and a keen ability to make attuned choices for yourself and your family? We are attracting something into our lives at every moment, with every thought and feeling. What are you attracting? What would you like to be attracting? This is your chance to look at what is in your life currently – all that you love and all that you would like to change. It is not about the material things necessarily but more about the relationships, the flow, and the energy that you put into the world and how all of that creates your opportunities, life events, and what you receive in return.

In this workshop you will:

  • Take a snap shot into your life as it is currently
  • Utilize proven techniques to create the life you choose
  • Establish a relationship with your body and emotions as your guide  
  • Create the space to allow your dreams to materialize into reality

S*U*P*E*R Mom

The stereotypical Super-Moms are often identified as those women who can do it all – have a career, take care of the kids, the spouse, the house, the errands, the neighbors, and everyone and everything in between. But what about them? Become a S*U*P*E*R Mom and create your life the way you want it from the inside out letting external forces, societal expectations, or self imposed pressures drift away.

In this workshop you will:

  • Find peace and balance in your life by being true to yourself
  • Become internally and spiritually guided
  • Use the wisdom of your body to guide yourself perfectly
  • Apply the S*U*P*E*R Mom principles and techniques to your life

Your Child as Your Mirror

Have you ever wondered why your child is acting a certain way? Our typical reaction is to praise or discipline our children for their behavior as though their acts are entirely theirs. In this same way when we are bothered by or can not understand their behavior we tend to get frustrated at them or the situation. What if you were to see your child as your mirror? The truth is children are extremely intuitive and sensitive to what is going on around them and what is going on inside of others around them. They are also amazing at stirring up dormant feelings and unconscious memories inside of us. If every time you were displeased with your child’s behavior you looked inside of yourself, you would likely see the cause of the disturbance in your own thoughts, beliefs, physical sensations, and emotions. When you are able to get to the root of the issue inside yourself and shift your thoughts and energy, you will be amazed by how it affects your child(ren) and your relationship with them. On the other hand, when the scene is calm and beautiful, you can look deep within yourself and likely feel that same energy there - congratulations. This practice can be a powerful step into your own personal growth.

Career-Woman Gone Mom (Transitioning From Career to Motherhood)

With many moms these days having had a full career and sense of their own identity, becoming a mom and deciding to leave their work, in part or in full, can be a very trying experience. The decision in itself can be riddled with fear around losing one’s identity, financial uncertainty, life style changes, and attachments to set beliefs about oneself, the world, and motherhood. What will I say and how will I feel when someone asks me, “So what do you do?” Instead of shying away from that and other questions like it, imagine being completely embodied in and proud of your role as Mom. Being present in motherhood is the best gift you are able to give to yourself, your children, your spouse, and your community. This state of being allows for balance and wholeness in everything you do. Attend this workshop to whole heartedly step into the role of mom through shifting beliefs and fully transitioning in mind and body into motherhood – the most important and rewarding job you will ever have.

Transitioning from Motherhood to Career (6 part series)

So you’re going back to work! Perhaps it has become clear that you need to work for financial reasons, or maybe you want to work to regain balance in your life or pursue a personal goal or interest. Regardless of the reason, heading back to work after having a child poses some unique emotions that may include excitement, guilt, confidence, self doubt, clarity, confusion, freedom, time constraints, etc. As you can see, the emotions of returning to work can be quite intense and span the spectrum. You may even find that you flip flop from one to the other from moment to moment. Before jumping into the familiar or what seems like the easiest solution, take an inventory of what you really want and/or need. Now is a great time to rediscover yourself and step into a career that truly suites you and the needs of your family.

Attend the following workshops and embrace the idea of going back to work, discover your strengths (what you’re good at and what you love to do), prepare do conduct market research in your field of choice, write your resume, and prepare for interviews.

  1. The Emotional Transition
    Work through the emotional transitions involved in going back to work so you are able to truly embrace this next phase in your life and do well in all your new roles.
  2. Discovering your Strengths
    Discover what you are truly good at and what you love to do. Where those two things overlap are your strengths. Use a proven process to uncover and own your strengths.
  3. Figuring out what you want to do
    Once you have discovered your strengths it is time to figure out where you can use those strengths. Having fun with combinations and brainstorming various career options can free your mind to arrive at just the right job or career for you.
  4. Conducting Market Research
    After arriving at a few career options, it is important to conduct market research. Through this process you will learn about the industries you are interested in, uncover gaps or needs that you can fill, and build relationships that can lead you to your next job.
  5. Writing Your Resume
    Writing a resume that will catch the attention of your reader is a skill and an art. Come learn the keys to a great resume and begin to draft yours for the job and audience you are addressing.
  6. Preparing for Interviews
    Once you have made it through the initial screening process, the interview is typically the next step. Prepare for any interview by being in the right ‘space’ and having solid answers to key questions. Have the interviewers begging your to work for them.

The Entrepreneurial Mom – Figuring out your product or service

So you want to run your own business to have flexibility for your family, bring in some income, and expand yourself personally. But what do you want to offer? This workshop will guide you through a process that will help clarify this question and get you on the road to starting your own business.

Balancing work and family

Balancing work and family is what we all strive to do. Though we often look for tactics and how tos, the secret lies within. What you experience on the inside is what reflects back to you in your environment. If you are out of balance or often struggle with balance in your life take a look inside and see what is there….internal chaos perhaps? Calm your mind, focus your energy and watch the magic unravel around you. Strike that balance from the inside out!

Work and family decision making made easy

It can sometimes be easy to get trapped in misconceived motives or external drives when it comes to work and family decisions. If you are facing the dilemma of whether to work or not to work, or other questions within that realm ask yourself the following:

  • What is my motive for wanting to work? Wanting to take that promotion? Not wanting to go on that business trip?
  • What answer will bring me what I want or need? (perhaps it’s not black and white)

Sometimes it’s hard to decipher what the right answer is when thinking through your options. Stepping away from it and approaching it from a different angle utilizing the wisdom of your body can be a powerful way of revealing your truth. Join Gretchen and other moms in listening to your body’s wisdom around your most important decisions.

Following Your Intuition – for parenting and life

There are plenty of workshops, books, and people in the world who like to tell you how to live your life and raise your family. This workshop is far from a step-by-step parenting formula. On the contrary you will experience the power of listening to and following your intuition when it comes to raising your family. One thing that may work for one family may not work for yours. When you are truly connected with yourself and your children you will simply ‘know’ what to do in each moment and each situation. Life becomes easier and the family thrives.

Staying connecting to self – Don’t lose the “me” in “mom-me”

It’s important to honor yourself throughout all stages of motherhood. By doing so you stay happy and health while teaching your children to honor themselves and discover their own passions in life. This workshop is about finding the balance between the ‘mom’ and the ‘me’.

In this workshop you will:

  • Uncover your true passions and values
  • Practice ways of gaining support in living your life the way you want it

Nurturing Your Relationship (spousal/partner)

As a wise man once said, “The greatest gift you can give to your children is a happy and solid marriage.” You have many demands on your time and attention and often your spouse or partner gets pushed to the bottom of the totem pole. The pressures of raising a family have a tendency to intensify what already existed above and below the surface in a marriage. If the marriage started off strong, it may become even stronger. If there were hairline fractures in the areas of communication, intimacy, or anything else, having children can exacerbate those.

In this workshop you will:

  • Begin to grow deeper in love and in appreciation with your spouse or partner
  • See how you can nurture your relationship through a state of being

When Motherhood Stirs up the Past

Motherhood is a very intense role that can stir up our past in some most profound and peculiar ways. We can suddenly see ourselves acting as our parents – like it or not. Memories of our own childhood can flash before our eyes – the fond and the otherwise. Beliefs set years earlier can come to the surface to be challenged. With your heart and soul so exposed, this is the prime time to explore old beliefs, energies, and attachments.

In this workshop you will:

  • Explore ways in which motherhood is stirring up the past
  • Test beliefs, energies, and attachments for validity in your life today and for your future
  • Neutralize beliefs, energies, and attachments that no longer serve you and integrate new supportive ones

Transitioning Into Fall

Fall is a time for deep transitions. As the earth, flowers, and trees begin to shed their vitality and prepare for winter, and birds begin to migrate, so too do moms go through their own transition. For many moms it’s when the thrill and chaos of summer winds down into more of a routine – whether it’s kids activities, children returning to school, or just life feeling different for some reason. Fall is a great time to examine your life and set a course for what’s to come.

In this workshop you will:

  • Begin the process of bringing Summer to a close
  • Envision yourself and your family stepping into Fall
  • Create the space to allow your visions to materialize into reality

It’s Summer – Mom’s Time to Celebrate and Strategize

Summer is a great time to kick up your heals with your kids while envisioning what you want YOUR next year to look like. If your child(ren) are going off to Kindergarten or they are in grade-school, how do you want to spend your time while your they are at school? How do you want to use this time to nurture yourself, utilize your strengths, and contribute to your world. If you are like many moms, your life has expanded tremendously from the experience of being a mom and it has been a fast road that rarely slows down long enough to reacquaint yourself with YOU. Now is your chance to reclaim yourself while not losing site of the needs of your family. Discover other passions, whether they are child related or strictly your own. Explore new relationships with yourself, your spouse, and your friends. Take this opportunity to process through the past few years, embrace where you are today, and create a path towards your future.

Off to Kindergarten (or 1st Grade) – A Transitional Time for Mom

Having your child(ren) go off to kindergarten (or 1st grade) is a big step for them, and may also be a great transitional time for mom. Whether you have been a full-time stay at home mom or working mom, this stage is often a very emotional milestone for you and an opportunity for you to re-examine where you are in your life. How do you want to spend your time while your child is at school? How can you use this time to nurture yourself, utilize your strengths, and get reacquainted with YOU? Take this opportunity to process through the past few years, embrace where you are today, and create a path towards your future.

The Entrepreneurial Moms Group

Being an entrepreneurial mom requires creativity, discipline, and support to succeed at your business while being a great mom. The Entrepreneurial Moms Group is a committed group of entrepreneurial moms who meet twice a month to support one another through both personal challenges and business endeavors. The group is facilitated by a professional life and business coach. Participants in this group benefit from business guidance and resources, alliances and partnerships, networking and referrals, focus groups and brainstorming, and personal growth and social connections.