Motherhood Transitions workshops are designed for moms in all phases of motherhood

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Below are brief descriptions to some of the workshops offered through Motehrhood Transitions.

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Motherhood and Work – Workshop and Coaching Series

Motherhood offers a wonderful opportunity to let your child(ren) be your inspiration to pursue your dreams and do it your way! What ever phase of motherhood you are in and regardless if you're currently working, planning to go back at some point, all moms face the issue of motherhood and work and it can often be a dilemma that is not so easy and straight forward. Motherhood is an ideal time to re-examine yourself; your values, strengths, passions, and personal purpose in order to re-create yourself and your career in alignment with your truth. With limited time in the day and so much to do as a mother, this workshop will help to ensure that your work is an expression of who you are, fits your life-style, and supports you in every way.

In this workshop you will:

Birth of a Mother

Create motherhood YOUR way while experiencing all that motherhood has to offer! Whether you are expecting your first child or well into the first year of motherhood, you are embarking on a fabulous journey that promises both beautiful and difficult times. This can be the most amazing and, at the same time, most challenging time of your life as you enter into a realm of intense emotion and an inexplicable depth of being. Surrounding yourself with the support and camaraderie of others in an open and honest way promises to make this transition a positive one. Motherhood offers women an opportunity like no other to re-evaluate all aspects of life. Gain insight into this profound role and become empowered to define and create the life you desire.

Join us for this amazing 2 hour workshop where you will begin to:

Birth of a Family

The Birth of a Family for Expectant Couples is a 3 hour course designed to support YOU and your relationship through this intense and profound life transition. Gain insights and strategies, explore expectations and realities, and obtain resources to assist you in the first weeks, months and years of new parenthood.

In this workshop you will:

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Workshops and Workshop Series are available to moms groups, professional women's groups, and corporations. Please call to arrange for a workshop or series for your group. We can provide workshops on many topics including and not limited to: