Gretchen Reid, BA, MS


Mom-Me™ Workshops

Mom-Me™ workshops are designed for moms in all phases of motherhood to address the Mom, the Me, and the hyphen in between.

Public Workshops

Below are public workshops that are open to all moms. Please email or call (303) 642-3105 to inquire or register.

Current Workshop Schedule:

For New Moms
For Entrepreneurial Moms
For All Moms

Birth of a Mother (Offered at Boulder Community Foothills Hospital)

Create motherhood YOUR way while experiencing all that motherhood has to offer! Whether you are expecting your first child or well into the first year of motherhood, you are embarking on a fabulous journey that promises both beautiful and difficult times. This can be the most amazing and, at the same time, most challenging time of your life as you enter into a realm of intense emotion and an inexplicable depth of being. Surrounding yourself with the support and camaraderie of others in an open and honest way promises to make this transition a positive one. Motherhood offers women an opportunity like no other to re-evaluate all aspects of life. Gain insight into this profound role and become empowered to define and create the life you desire.

Join us for this amazing 2 hour workshop where you will begin to:

Feel more at ease with your motherhood experience through honest sharing with other members
Understand and better manage the emotional rollercoaster common in motherhood
Utilize the wisdom of your emotions to make healthy choices now and in the future
Experience your own rebirth as you move through the three phases of mother development

Clarity and Movement Workshop

Is this the year that you want to create the life you have been dreaming of? Do you need to step back to figure out exactly what that is? Join us for a 2 hour workshop to define your individual (or couple's) vision so that you can begin to take concrete steps to make that happen. This workshop is open to a small group of people in a comfortable home setting. Participate in a series of fun, hands on exercises to get clarity and begin the forward movement. What you will leave with:

A clear vision/idea/sense of where you want to be in 1-3 years
Three steps that you commit to take to get there
An understanding (if not resolution) of any limiting beliefs you have around creating that life

Meet Your Village Workshop

Meet professionals in your community who provide support for expecting and new families! Parenting Place will be holding its second "Meet Your Village" gathering. This community gathering will be kicked off by an introduction to Parenting Place including a free packet of Bright Beginnings materials.

Meet Eileen Henry of Compassionate Sleep Solutions, Sonja Bastow of Meet the Doulas and Gretchen Reid of Motherhood Transitions.

There will be a mini-fair with community resources available to talk about their services, including: Moxie Moms, Yo Mama Yoga, Patience Bleskan - child development specialist, Kate Kripke - social works, Living Earth Cloth Diapers, pre/post natal massage and craniosacral therapy.

Light refreshments will be served.

Workshops and Workshop Series

Workshops and Workshop Series are conducted around the Front Range through moms groups, professional women’s groups, and corporations. Please call to arrange for a workshop or series for your group. Samples of workshop topics are: