What is one-on-one coaching?
One-on-one coaching provides in-depth, undivided attention with your coach in order to make exceptional progress on your goals. After working with their coach, most clients report that they experience a new level of clarity, peace, and momentum in all areas of their lives as they more effortlessly manage multiple demands, make sound decisions based in truth, take care of and honor themselves, experience a greater level of confidence and positive self image, and enjoy healthier relationships. As a result of coaching your life will be altered, your awareness expanded, your perspectives shifted, and your being enlightened.

Motherhood Transitions offers three basic types of coaching:

Life Coaching
Life coaching addresses all areas of life including motherhood, work, life-style, relationships, personal identity, and one's overall well-being. We take a deep look in to reveal hidden blocks to your greatest happiness, and work with you to clarify and move you in the direction of your true desires.

Career Coaching
Through Career coaching you will gain the tools to pursue or create the career of your choice in the manner you wish through in depth self discovery, market research, effective resume writing, job search skills, and interviewing and negotiation techniques. If you are already in a career you desire but want to improve it in some way; find work-life balance, improve your relationships at work, work toward a promotion, propose a part time position, or ensure you are in alignment with your values and guiding lights, we will work together toward those improvements.

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Entrepreneurial Coaching
If you aspire to or already run your own business, you will receive the guidance and resources necessary to build a successful business while balancing all the other aspects of your life and being a mom.

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For information about the Mompreneur Connection, group coaching and support for moms who run their own businesses, see our blog.

How is one-on-one coaching offered?
One-on-one coaching is offered in single sessions, monthly packages, or as a supplement to group coaching. Each session typically lasts about 45 minutes and can be conducted in person or over the phone. Monthly packages consist of three sessions per month for a minimum of three months offering the greatest benefit for real change and growth.