Motherhood Transitions uses coaching methods to allow deep exploration and emothional releaseMotherhood Transitions utilizes coaching methods that engage the conscious and subconscious levels of awareness. Through the integration of mind and body, one is able to listen to, trust, and follow their intuition. This process allows for deep exploration, emotional release, and powerful forward motion:

Together we build a safe space to explore everything around your stated desires – the truth of it, the challenges or blocks to achieving it, your thoughts, beliefs and motives surrounding it, and your personal guiding lights that will help guide you through decision making and taking action. Sometimes clients manifest exactly what they desired at the onset of coaching, other times what they initially wanted may morph slightly or dramatically as their truth is revealed and they become more aligned with that truth.

Depending on the needs of each session we may call on cognitive approaches such as assessments, analysis, problem solving, and questioning techniques. We may also utilize other techniques including mind-body coaching and a muscle testing process called Evolutionary Kinesiology to bring about insights otherwise unable to be seen at the cognitive level, thus providing deep emotional and energetic shifts. This process allows you to change often deep seeded belief systems that no longer serve you and the life you wish to create. Occasionally things may surface where we need to briefly step into your past and neutralize a particular issue or behavior that may be holding you back in order to release you and build momentum toward your vision. Through this integration of mind and body, individuals are able to listen to, trust, and follow their intuition on a deeper level than ever before.

What it is

Motherhood Transitions Coaching is:

  • a process of revealing who you truly are and what you value most
  • a safe space to work through challenges and discover your own answers
  • a time to focus on you and honor yourself

What it's not

Motherhood Transitions Coaching is not:

  • generic advice about what to do or how to do it
  • a parenting course
  • counseling/psychotherapy