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I will once again be joining Lisa Pernarelli on “All Things Possible”, Castle Rock Radio, on Thursday, December 15th 1:00-2:00 MST. What better time – as we close out 2011 and welcome the New Year - to hear from some inspirational people. We will be exploring a three step process of reviewing, reflecting, and renewing:

Review: Looking back is a process of reviewing the past year. Take a moment to list the key things that you intended to do this past year. Make note as to whether you did them, partially did them, or didn’t do them at all. What about other things that you hadn’t intended on doing but did? Add those to your list as well. Look back at how you ran your business and lived your life this past year. In what way were you living just the way you desired? What would you change?

Reflect: Once you have taking a quick look back, it is now time to take a deep look inside. How is it that you were able to do the things you did this past year? What kind of support did you have along the way? What thoughts and beliefs propelled you forward? 

Renew: Looking out brings your attention to the future and to the world around you. What is it that you want this year? Picture yourself this time next year, reviewing your year. What would you like to see in that snapshot? What would you like to be able to say about the way you lived your life or ran your business? What you accomplished? How you are with your family, friends, or clients? How you show up in your community?

Please join us and feel free to chime in at 888-321-7234.

If you happen to miss it and would like to listen later scroll down to All Things Possible and click on the date of the program.

We Need Your Input…

Lately I have become especially interested in the idea of ‘changing corporate America’ to open more opportunities for part time, flexible professional workers. Through my work, I have noticed that there are many of us moms (and other populations) who have advanced degrees and/or extensive professional work experience and capabilities, though there are few places for us to contribute at the level of which we are capable AND with the flexibility and pay we desire. I am just in the infancy stages of studying this phenomenon in great depth in order to shift the mindset of organizational leaders across the country. I am currently in search of statistics around the benefits of part time, flexible work environments on the levels of productivity and creativity. If you know of any studies along these lines, please pass them along to me. Also, if you have had experience working part time or with a flexible schedule and have experienced increased productivity and creativity as a result, I would love to hear your stories. I would also be interested in hearing how you came across your specific job/employment opportunity. Please share if you are aware of progressive companies who are already on this track.

In addition, I have recently become acquainted with a gentleman, Jim Thomas, who is in an MBA program studying this very topic. He started this project when he noticed many well educated and experienced moms volunteering or choosing not to rejoin the work force when confronted with being under employed. He is conducting a survey to investigate whether there is a need for part-time professional employment opportunities and if those seeking such opportunities need help being connected to such positions. He is specifically seeking feedback from moms that have had professional careers and either want or need to continue working. The feedback may help develop a website that exclusively connects part-time professionals with meaningful part time employment opportunities in our local community. Your input today is critical to creating more part time professional opportunities for us! Please take 2-5 short minutes to contribute to this study. Simply click here and answer a few questions.

Thanks so much – in the Sisterhood of Motherhood,

Gretchen Reid

I will be co-hosting a radio program this Thursday, 1:00-2:00pm MST with the topic being ‘staying sane during the holidays’. I would love to add your tips to what I have already gathered over the years. As we all know, the holidays can get pretty hairy at times. Anything that works for you, please share it. If you are a single mom/dad or have a blended family, working parent, entrepreneur, tight on funds, have a chronic illness in the family, are caring for elderly parents, etc….I’m interested in what you have found that helps you manage your specific challenges, or what you plan on trying this year. Also, if you have particular questions that you would like answered, send em’ on!

If you would like to listen in, call in and contribute, or ask questions and receive on-the-spot coaching, you can access the on-line Castle Rock Radio program and just click on ‘listen live’. To chime in, you can register for quick and easy access to the show.

See you on the show, Thursday, November 17, 1:00-2:00 MST!


I’m so excited about co-hosting a special radio program this Thursday, October 20th 1:00-2:00pm Mountain Time on Castle Rock Radio – an internet radio station that can be accessed all around the world…so even my clients from Australia and England can tune in!!

I’m teaming up with Lisa Pernarelli on her radio show, “All Things Possible” for a Closer Look into Parents Returning to the Workforce. We will be focusing on re-entering the workforce after being out of a job for a period of time, whether that be months or many years, to care for your family. Coming back into the workforce after off-tracking for some time provides a great opportunity to explore what you really want and how you’re going to make that a reality. It also can pose particular challenges, like gaps on your resume, and lack of confidence. We will dig into both the gifts and the challenges of this unique position and provide you with actionable steps and resources to support your transition. We will also explore the specific challenges of single parents making ends meet while continuing their career development to honor themselves while caring for their children.

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We will be on the third Thursday of each month for ‘A Closer Look’ as we explore stress management during the holidays in November, then in December – looking back, looking in, and looking out… reviewing the past year and preparing for the future.


Dan Riggan of Being Human Psychotherapy and I recently wrote an article for the Expectant Mothers Guide on the top ten tips to nurturing your relationship in the early stages of parenthood.

Having a baby is one of the most intense and profound rites of passage allotted to us as human beings. With it comes great responsibility, intense emotions, and often unexpected pressures. Parenthood is both wonderful and stressful, and as many people put it, “everything changes” when you have kids. There is suddenly little room for yourself, let alone your spouse. You are sleep deprived; there are new financial concerns, time crunches, and so much more. Even the strongest of relationships will be challenged during these early stages of parenthood. So how do you nurture your relationship when this new addition enters your family and, well, takes over? What’s the difference between those marriages that will withstand the test of parenthood, versus those that will crumble under the pressure?

We have compiled the top 10 tips for both surviving and thriving in these early years.

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