About Gretchen Reid

Motherhood Transitions Coaching was born out of a woman going through her own life transitions from single, career focused corporate consultant, coach, and trainer… to married… a child nine months later… and a second child 3 years later. Much of the transitions that I myself went through and continue to experience I know many other women are facing in their lives. The techniques I use in my coaching are the same that I employ for myself. When I was asked to speak to a Moms group in the fall of 2006 I began my journey of redefining the work I do to align more closely with my personal purpose and life mission. Thus Motherhood Transitions was born.

Gretchen Reid, Coach

Gretchen Reid and sonAs a coach and facilitator for more than 16 years, Gretchen passionately lives her life inspiring others to connect with their highest selves and manifest their dreams. She is the founder and lead facilitator and coach of Integrated Growth and Motherhood Transitions. Integrated Growth is a Golden based leadership consulting and career coaching firm while Motherhood Transitions is a coaching practice offering life coaching to moms experiencing both large scale and day-to-day transitions. She holds a BA in Psychology, an MS in Career and Human Resource Development with a concentration in Organization Development and Instructional Technology, and has been trained in the Mind Body Method and Evolutionary Kinesiology coaching techniques. She is a mother of two boys and founded BoulderRockNMoms, an online community for Front Range mothers, when pregnant with her first.

To learn more about Gretchen and the work she does with corporations, entrepreneurs and individuals in career transition see www.integratedgrowth.com.

"To know yourself is the greatest gift to all."
~ Gretchen Reid

Join me in…. Embracing the joys and beauty of motherhood while exploring the deep challenges of this intense role.